Glad I found this site. I am not alone....

WOW!!!  I feel like I want to cry in pure joy I have found this sight!  I had no idea there were others who experience what I have being married to someone with ADD.    We have been married almost 2 yrs but dated for 3yrs.  We had soooo much fun together dating and did so much laughing.  We did not live together before we were married due to religious reasons.   Since we have been married, there have been several times where I honestly thought I was done.  DONE!  Anytime I call for his attention when he is doing something, he sighs in frustration and rolls his eyes.  He will not help around the house unless asked and when it gets to the point I need to ask for help, it becomes a war zone.   He says things that I am nagging all the time; I am rude, disrespectful, etc.  He will not go ANYWHERE without his cell phone and will text, and Google while driving which scares me so bad.  If I politely ask him to please not do that while driving he will tell me to quite bitching and keep doing it. 
The stress this caused me a few months ago triggered a nervous breakdown.  I was depressed, unhappy, I wanted to divorce him, and felt so alone and lost.   My doctor put me on Pristiq to help me.   Now my husband says things when he is “mad” at me like I am psycho, crazy, and mental and what hurts most is he will say “you haven’t taken you meds, I can tell.”  All because after 4 days of tripping over his 5 pairs of shoes by the front door, I asked him nicely if he can please put them away.  
Don’t get me wrong, I love him dearly.  We do have some great fun times and he is VERY loving when the computer, Fox News or his cell phone are not on.  Some days I feel like such a burden to him.  Everyday he rolls his eyes at me about something and it has gotten to the point I feel so alone in this marriage.   We both work fulltime but I work more hours.  I am tired too when I get home from work.  I honestly don’t know how to approach him anymore.  I am sad and heart broken.  I miss the fun guy I fell in love with.  But after reading some of these blogs, I am not alone.