Go ahead tell me "I told you so"

Ok go ahead and tell me "I told ya so", I deserve it for being so damn gullible and stupid!!!  Well DH never went to the doctor yesterday, told me that I married him the way he is and he will never take pills again.  I tried to reason with him (I know big mistake) and he told me he was giving up school, his internship and me, because he cant stand me anymore.  He called everyone he could but no one had the money to come and get his ass and take him to his mom's (3 hours away).  That was yesterday morning, last night when we were calmer I tried to talk to him about the fact he keeps threatening to leave and he wouldn't even agree to try and stop saying it.  He told me he thinks we need some time apart and that he is going to go to his Moms and I cant stop him cause he needs to "hang out".  I know that if he leaves he isn't coming back....Im not that naive.  I also know he has been talking to his ex-girlfriend, who wants him back and lives down there (he doesn't know that I know).

He feels there is nothing "broken" in our marriage and I'm trying to find problems to "bitch" about.  He also then claimed he was quitting school and his internship because I worry to much about him finding someone else (hmmm hes went outside our marriage twice in the last two years and I shouldn't be concerned????) and hes tired of me worrying.  We also talked about the fact that he wont talk to me about anything anymore and we used to talk about everything.  He claims that he cant trust me, because I used to throw what he told me in his face.  I totally admit to that!  I have a hell of a temper at times and when he verbally attacked me he got it right back, but I haven't done it in 6 months!!!  Ever since we talked about it and I told him I wouldn't do it anymore.  He says he put up a wall and I need to break through it.....and he wont let me in till he sees real changes in me.  And furthermore "the mortar on the wall is starting to set and I don't have much time".  He finished up his little speech by telling me that I didn't love him.  Really? cause I try everyday to show him how much I love him.....about that time I completely came undone and started crying (not something I do easily).  So then he diagnosed me as being "depressed" and a cry baby, told me I needed meds way worse than him, told me he was gonna go to my next counselor appointment so he could tell him "the truth about me" and went to sleep in the other room.

And here I sit at work, in tears.  Good thing I have my own office and don't see anyone all day!!!  THIS SUCKS!!!!!