Going to Court or Going Insane...pick, which will come first?

I am completely exasperated. My ADD husband and I go to court in a few days. He is in contempt of our custody agreement. His ADD is all over the missteps. Failed to communicate, missed objectives, lies, and hostility. You ADD it, he did it. I know I need counseling, I am so, so, so, hurt by all of this. I hurt because not one person who communicates with him, believes there is an issue. He has completely alienated me from friends and family I have shared 12 years of my life with. All who believe I was “too controlling” and fail now to see, the reality of our relationship and this mess that we are now in. The mortgage is unpaid by 3 months, my son is doing poorly in school, the car is going to get repossessed, no income, and we have no health insurance. BUT NO, there is “nothing to talk about…God is on his side.” So, they support and pay the legal fees…to lose. But, who loses…I do, I see money go out the window to my attorney, I see health insurance go unpaid, I see the telephone getting turned off and in the end… I see I win, YET ANOTHER court order, for him not to comply with. Greatly, because HE CAN’T. I want someone to sit him down, HELP HIM. Help him like I did for 13 years. Help him do the math, help him make the plan and help him discern what is in his best interest. But, they all just sit there and look at him smile. What a great and fun loving guy. It is as if the front we put up for 12 years has come back to haunt me. They think he had it all under control. I presented it that way, out of respect! I wanted my children to respect my husband. I wanted to “surrender” to him being the leader in the house. Now that I am gone, everything is falling apart and 700 miles away; I am STILL cleaning it up. I feel like its’ more than ADD, I think it is a mental illness. I wish it was, at least then I could find someone to intervene legally. Someone, who would look at this mess and put a stop to the legal dibockle. We are poor people getting poorer by a rich system and WE will not win. I am the saddest person alive at this moment. I’ve wanted nothing but the best for my husband and my family. I left because I could not take it anymore. I just wish he would fight with ration, I don’t even get that. I get partial documents, conjured up allegations and non-responsiveness all wrapped up neatly in a legal letter at the cost to him of $200.00 for the lawyer to write it and $300.00 for my lawyer to read it and respond to it. All of which he could have written to me in an e-mail, sent a voice mail or had a friend tell me for nothing. Because IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE enough to pay $500.00 for! When I WE (not just me) need $500.00 toward the mortgage! I feel guilty fighting him in court. It is like fighting an opponent with two amputated arms and swollen eyes, with a trainer in his corner telling him…you can win champ, you’re the greatest, we’re praying for ya! God’s on your side! What can I say to make ANYONE in his camp listen, this is wrong!? My husband needs help! L