Going off meds (for the first time in 19 years) to get pregnant - any experience?

a.k.a.: What to Expect when You Expect to Be Expecting

Hey all,

I've been on some form of stimulant or other (Ritalin and its siblings) since the age of 9.  I think I had summer "breaks" as a kid, but I haven't been off meds for more than a couple weeks since high school or college (5-10 years ago).  Well, my DH and I are thinking of trying for a baby and I know all the warnings against taking meds while pregnant.  Thus, once we start trying (in the next month or so, probably) I'm going to go off the meds.  I am looking for a coach/therapist already to help support this transition, but they all have 2-month waiting lists or else I haven't asked them for availability because they're all the way across town.  My internship's going to wind down a month from now, and with nothing in the pipeline, DH and I feel this is a good time to take the chance.  If I do end up getting a job, I'm planning to do it meds-free from the start.  

I've made so many helpful changes to the ways I deal with communication, my DH, organization, work, etc, etc, etc in the past year or so, and I'm afraid it'll all go down the drain (with just a year of on-off experience, they're not long-term habits yet) and I'll turn into a cross-eyed internet-consuming vegetable (plus impulsive blurting and shopping) once I go off the meds.  Lifestyle changes can help, and I do plan to exercise more regularly, at least once and hopefully twice a week in addition to the workouts I already get by commuting by bike.  Just started omega-3s so we'll see if those help as well.

Oh, and of course stopping the birth control, tomorrow will be my first day off those hormones in 7 years!  I'll be giving that a couple of weeks before going off meds, I don't want to shock my body with two withdrawals like that!

Has anyone here gone through this experience?  Can you offer me advice on how to stay involved in life, what you went through when going off meds, what helped you or what hurt, what I might expect, and possibly the hugest change, what my DH might expect after knowing me-on-meds for 5+ years without seeing my ADD in its "natural state" for more than a week or two of vacation?  I really don't want to spend every day accomplishing nothing and every night talking to DH about regretting not having gotten anything done for the next x-number of years.  One part of me's ready and excited, while the other KNOWS how absolutely little I know/am prepared for just how much everything is going to change once this process gets going.

Thanks in advance if you can give any tips or personal experience!