Going "overboard" in emotional relationships.

Hi all,

the story so far.

I'm dating, or trying to date, a lady with ADHD. She knows that she has it, and has been on medication for about 7 years, and is very upfront about it, and some of the problems it can cause her.

Because of details separate from the ADHD, we are in agreement to take things slow and cautiously. Now, she is of the opinion, that I suffer from ADHD as well, there is good evidence she is correct. I am looking at getting an assessment for this.

One thing she said, that really rang a bell with me, is that people with ADHD tend to make their SO the "center of their world"? or to put too much into the whole relationship thing? Not quite clear on the exact wording she used. I can quite see how that can be a problem. It does describe my behavior when in a relationship, or even, as in this case, my behavior now. I haven't even kissed her and I'm pretty well smitten!

So, some questions, is what she said generally recognized? How has it affected you? I am of the opinion, that it is a different perspective for males generally, and can, for both, be a *GOOD* factor, under the right circumstances.

Given her history, I understand where she is right now about relationships, but it does make progressing with her, a little,....problematic.