Good idea to have Vitamin D levels checked!

My ADD husband is required by insurance to have bloodwork done every year in accordance with his physical.  Because he has been changed to a new doctor both for primary care and for his ADD, the new doctor required new bloodwork & he added a special request to check for a Vitamin D deficiency (something apparently not part of the routine screening).  His Vitamin D is EXTREMELY much so that we got a call that he is being rushed 2 Vitamin D prescriptions-- 1 enormous pill to be taken only 1x per week and another dosage to be taken daily.

I've been reading a lot about Vitamin D deficiencies, which this doctor says often go hand in hand with ADD and is part of why many with ADD also have seasonal affective disorder.  My husband has been experiencing a lot of flulike aches and just a general *blah* feeling that he hasn't been able to attribute to any source.  The doctor immediately zeroed in on a possible lack of Vitamin D as a cause (something that has never been suggested to us by anyone before) and it sounds like he was right.

My mother has fibromyalgia and I've even read that with mega doses of Vitamin D sometimes the symptoms and pain disappear. She is going to ask her doctor about it at her next checkup.

Now my husband works mainly nights, likes the drapes pulled at home because sunlight bothers his eyes & he hates the glare on the TV, and drinks NO milk whatsoever.  I am sure he is higher risk for Vitamin D deficiency than most, but on the off chance that it could make a difference--especially at this time of the year--it could be a really easy to check and easy to fix factor in an ADD person not feeling well.