A good sign

We are taking the course offered rejoice the site right now and are currently packing for an 8 day trip to Florida. This evening hubby and I were talking about what to pack and all that, and he mentioned that he didn't want to take his mess for the week. I told him that I really need him to take his meds. I told him that if he can't take his meds, I'll have a hard time. I also expressed to him that dealin with his ADHD symptoms includes taking his medication too. We compromised and he is going to take his Adderall at noon and so it will wear off by the time the kids go to bed, instead of taking it first thing in the morning and then again to make it though the evening. I basically expressed to him that is equally important for him to take his meds for work as it is for his home life. He said okay. In the past, I've been irritated about him not wanting to take his meds when he's not working and at the time the level of respect in our marriage was at an all time low but now were working on it and I think he now understands how important it is for him to be treated properly. Hopefully he'll stick to it!