Got Expected Diagnosis - Wasn't Prepared for Emotions

Wow...I have been looking forward to this diagnosis for almost half a year as I began slowly realizing I could have ADHD.  I read the books, talked about it and then finally got tested.  It took a month to get the results of the test, but it finally came yesterday.  ADHD Innatentive Type (Mild) with Major Depressive Disordor (Moderate) with secondary anxiety.  

I thought geting the diagnosis would be liberating as I now have something to rally around.  In the long term I believe this, but getting your weaknesses handed to you in a five page jargon filled report was like seeing every fault of yours in the mirror.  I have been very emotional the past 24 hours, and of course, concentrating has been quite difficult.  My wife has been supportive, but I wasn't prepared for the shock at how direct the report was with terms like neuroticism, psychotism, etc.  I have been googling these terms like crazy trying to understand "how" crazy I am.  I have also been reviewing so many things in my past trying to understand all the times I was symptomatic without realizing it.  

And of course, now that I have the diagnosis, a whole new set of questions are opening up.  What is the first next step?  What does it mean for my relationship? My current job as a researcher and job search (after I finish my PhD)?  Being a parent?  What are the right set of treatment options?  It is a bit overwhelming.  I know it will take time to sort through all this, but the feelings hit fast and furious and I wasn't prepared.  

Next up is meeting with my non-ADHD therapist to review the results.  He knows he is not a specialist and will refer me to a specialist if need be, but I figure he can at least shed some light on the technical aspects of the report and help me figure out my second and third steps.  

Knowledge is empowering and scary at the same time!!

Anyone else experience this?  What was your first, second, third steps?