gotta answer this one....

i'll get into a funk. i'll be all sorts of negative. and not focused on anything positive. there are times i'm in that funk for a week or more.

SO sits there so patiently.  sometimes it's too much and he reacts in a not so positive manner, but for the most part he is very patient and just tries to refocus me on the positive.

then i'll snap out of it and he'll get into a funk.... but i'm like "come one, snap out of it!" and after one day of him still being in the funk i get frustrated that my tactics aren't working and i become VERY impatient with him and frustrated during our conversations.

has anyone else experienced this with their ADDer spouse?

he asked me, "why is it that when you are in a negative funk, i spend how ever long it takes to get you out of it, but the moment i'm in one you don't want to deal with me and take whatever time it takes to get me out of mine?"

i honestly don't know the answer to that question.  part of me knows i'm just impatient and that i tend to think it's all about me, totally selfish in that way.  and the other part of me is remorseful and i am not sure how to say sorry and make SO feel as though i truly mean it.