Graduate school?

As I've posted before, I work and go to school. It's not graduate school but it is pretty demanding. I started during a period of prolonged unemployment for my husband, figuring that if I had to support him for the rest of my life, I needed a better job.

Well, eventually after about 6 months of ADD meds, he got a job. Now he realizes that to advance in his profession, he needs a graduate degree.

I'd still be in school and I have enough trouble getting him to contribute around the house now. He figures he only needs to help on the weekends, even though we all know dishes need to be washed, etc. every day.

Do you think this is doable, for a person with ADD and one with physical disabilities? Should I drop out so he can go to school? Have any of your ADD mates, or you if you have ADD, handled graduate school while working, without your house falling down around your ears?