Great. H has turned on his FMLA again and is not going to work!

The past 4 months have been glorious. H has not missed a day of work in that time. I wasn't aware that he had turned off his FMLA all this time. However him being off for 10 days on paid vacation has gotten him back into that whole "I don't feel like going to work" mode. He went back last Friday but then this past Monday decided he didn't want to go in for whatever reason. So he had to spend the day calling the doctor, seeing the doctor and getting his FMLA turned back on so he wouldn't get reprimanded for a day off. He tells me that it's only good for 2 days a month. Well that didn't mean anything before because you ended up still taking weeks off without pay.

Last night he tells me about how his check was only $1000 because there was no OT on it and how tomorrow (today) he's going to work a 12 hour day and go in Saturday as well. He was all hyped to do all this. I should have known that with all the hype means he isn't going to do it. He was supposed to go in at 3AM today but he kept resetting his alarm. he gets up at 4 and texts his boss that he won't be in.  He comes back in to bed and I say "Not going in?" and he goes "I feel like shit. I have sore throat." Aw poor baby! Can't work because of a sore throat! He really milked it too and followed that up with a few sniffles but then immediately fell asleep and started snoring. Gee, when you have a sore throat you can never sleep! So another unpaid day today and since he didn't work today, he can't work on Saturday. Now he's down 2 days on this paycheck. Now he can sit home and play his video game all day.

On top of all this he's been telling me all week that he's got a surprise planned for me on Saturday and hyping it up every day about how fun it's going to be. I've gotten excited about it but now he is supposedly sick and I'm sure he will cancel it.