Great marriage one day, bad marriage a week later?

My husband has ADD severely.  Our marriage has almost ended many times b/c of it.  I always have to get to my breaking point, and give him ultimatums.  Of course, he does whatever I ask of him for a while and then stops. For instance, I made him promise me that he would find a psychiatrist that he liked, and get on a medication that worked for him.  Well, he found a doctor that he liked and he also liked the medicine.  Then he stopped taking it!!!  Now, he denies liking the medicine and missed his last doctors appointment.  He has a highly addictive personality and has quit smoking cold turkey during this time.  Is that why he's stopped?  He lies to me and tells me he takes the medicine and I know he hasn't.  It seems like we have a good marriage and then we have days that are awful. The worst part is that when he is so out of focus, he starts finding things wrong with me almost just to pick arguments.  I really think that he needs counseling, I need counseling ( I already go) and that we need marriage counseling as well.  How do I convince him of this?  I'm getting exhausted from the viscious cycles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!