Groundhog Day...will he lose his job again?

Groundhog Day...that is ADHD for me and my H. Once again, the man he works for is jealous of his charisma and popularity and his "boss" feels threatened. This has happened before in ALL types of jobs. I can see him losing his job once again. It's such a pattern that I won't be shocked. I know this time around that I must continue to move forward with the goals I have set in place for myself and draw on my new found strength. I can't be weak or pity myself since he will be doing all of that for himself. He already sounds mopey telling me the story and I caught him today looking blankly at the ceiling. I wonder how he feels, I think I know. What a sad thing. It's like a never ending screwed up day, everyday, all your life. And I am in the middle of it trying to enjoy my life as a positive, nurturer that hold down the FT job and benefits. Wow, yay me. Just call me Doctor, Counselor, Cheerleader, Provider, Maid. Can one person do it all and still maintain sanity when all the other person does is make a mess of their life? To be with someone 25 years and have them be frozen in amber like that fossilized mosquito is hard to watch. No progress, or not much. I need to keep my tank full for me while almost running on E for him. Argh! I can do it! I have had plenty of practice! I must keep my identity and sanity because my life is not like his, I just happen to be married to him. Gotta start now, looking for ways to brace myself for him getting let go...again.