GUESS How much he spent??

Hey everyone... I had to post this here because I think this may be the only place anyone understands what I'm going thru. My ADHD husband is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E with money, like many ADDers, but has resisted most attempts on my part to "help" him. He's curbed his huge spending sprees, but still spends about 2x the amount budgeted for him.

In July a freak vandalism by a drug addict caused a total loss to my husband's work pickup (a little 1992 Toyota) and we got $3800 from the insurance company to replace it. I was VERY happy with the amount we got, thinking we wouldn't get enough to replace the vehicle, but it turns out it was worth a lot more than we thought.

Right away he had a "grand" idea to get the other his other truck out of repair, where it has been sitting for 2 years, because we've been unable to pay off the bill on it. It is a 1977 Ford Pickup, he's had it since Highschool. I did NOT want to get the stupid truck, as it's a money pit and we've already put in way too much money into it. He ranted and raved and hollered and complained about it until he had me convinced that it would be cheaper to get it out of repair than to find another vehicle. After all, it was only $1400 to finish the repair on the truck, then we could "save" that money for other things! Against my better judgement I agreed.

He was happy as a kid in a candy store picking up his truck. Guess how long it ran?? THREE days before there was an issue. And thus began the biggest clusterf*ck of wasted time/effort/money I've ever seen. Now here we are, 2 months later, he has been out there night and day (literally) trying to fix the damn thing, and it STILL DOES NOT RUN. I just totalled the money we've spent up to now.. are you ready for it?????


I am sick to my stomach at what we could have done with that money, and to STILL not have a working vehicle?! He assures me that he will be able to return a ton of stuff and get money back, but that's always the story, and it never happens.

We recently separated, he still does not have a vehicle and is having to bum rides to work. I think I could be forgiving if this was not one of numerous times he's blown large amounts of money on things that he assured me was going to work out or argued me into submission.

I don't even know how to fix the situation, I just want to separate myself financially from him ASAP. It makes me want to puke thinking about it.