Is this hurtful?

We are about to have some of my husband's family as guests for a few days. I am especially uncomfortable about this because of the state of messy chaos in our home. My husband is going into one of his power clean up spurts that only ever occur when he is on the verge of being embarrassed by someone who would be a guest in our home. They will still have to sleep in our exercise room, because the bedrooms are full of his piles of stuff, and I will still be terribly embarrassed to have them here ( never mind the fact that our marriage is hanging on by the slimmest thread). I really feel so bad that the only times he will attempt to clean up/ finish projects is when he is aware of how it looks to outsiders, but he doesn't make much effort when it's just me. I don't get the opportunity to give positive reinforcement very often in this area, so I'll do it, but I have to fight against the hurt and resentment I feel.