H appears to have found his happy place....for the time being!

I can officially report that my husband has gone to work every day for a full month...even when I was out of town for a week! I was honestly shocked to see when I got back (I check his clock in/clock out times on his work website but he doesn't know I know how to get on there) that he didn't miss a day and he didn't leave early. There haven't been anymore leaving at 4AM only to go have breakfast somewhere until 7AM and then coming home after I leave. He has been happy. He got moved to a different area temporarily at work due to light duty restrictions and has had that extended by his doctor until Nov. 11. He wants to go back and see the doctor and get permanent restrictions. If he does, he will probably still get moved to yet another area. However even though he raves about the OT he's getting and liking his area, he is still looking to take a leave of absence from the  company for 6 months to a year to go work on motorcycles. I am so against this as he would be taking a $20/hr pay cut and having to travel an extra 45 minutes one way. Plus, I know if he leaves this job he will never go back to it.

I know this happiness will fade and I know he will go back to his old ways of not going to work, but for now it is so nice to have a normal, working, functioning husband!