H blows his top over something "wrong" I did and then does the same thing!

The smallest things turn into a HUGE deal! Just last week I took one of his precious sharp knives out of the butcher block to open a package. He sits there and watches me and goes "I REALLY wish you wouldn't use those knives to open packages. It just dulls them". Guess what? The VERY next day he gets a package and opens it with the SAME knife I had used! Back up to about a month ago when we had a bunch of rice leftover along with teriyaki. I froze the teriyaki and asked if I should freeze the rice too. Oh my god he looked at me like I was crazy! "Why would you even think of freezing rice? No! Either throw it out or keep it in the fridge". Then a few weeks later the same thing where we had a bunch of rice leftover. Guess what? He put it in a tupperware container and put it in the freezer! Last winter I left the door from the living room to the garage open because I was in and out doing laundry. He practically has a tizzy because the furnace is running and here I am with the door open. The next day with the furnace running he opens both the front door and the back door and leaves them open so that the cats can go in and out at their leisure! Oh and he has a tizzy when I don't cover something in the microwave and it splatters a bit. Yet 30 minutes later he's doing the same thing!

I am really tired of being berated for minor things and then he turns around and does them and I tell them that he JUST had a fit because I did the same thing yesterday. He blows it off and goes "Whatever...it's not a big deal". Really? Because yesterday it was a HUGE deal when I did it!

Oh and this incident was just awesome too. About 2 years ago we went on a trip to see some motorcycle racing. A friend and his dad were going too but weren't able to get a room so they stayed with us. They rented a car and we rode with them around town. Well one morning we stopped at McDonalds before heading to the races. H and I are in the back seat and I am doling out the coffees. Everyone gets theirs and then H tells me to open the 2 sugar packets and put them in his cup. Well absentmindedly I open the 2 packets and then with the same hand take the lid off the cup, dumping the sugar all over the back seat. They are only small sugar packets and there's not that much, but OMG, H just couldn't shut up about how moronic that was. For the next 10 minutes I heard "Oh my god. Really? Really? How could you do that? What were you thinking?" I got so angry. I felt like I was a 10 year old getting berated. I admit it was dumb of me but he could have laughed it off and then cleaned it up quietly rather than going on and on and on about it in front of them. Then about an hour later we were walking and my shoe had come untied for the second time. He tells me to tie it and I say I'm fine that I'll just wait until we are out of the crowd. He tells me "No we'll stop and wait for you while you tie it". Once again i felt like I was 10 years old.