H came home happy last night, then a minute later was fuming!

So tired of being on edge EVERY SINGLE NIGHT when he gets home from work! He has been pretty good lately and I thought last night would be the same. He walks through the door, calls me hunny bunny, gives me a kiss. I tell him that he must have made good time getting home since he's usually home about 15 minutes later. He tells me he left work an hour early to drop off a customer at their house because his bike wasn't ready and that's why he's home early. He didn't seem upset that he had to do that and was in a good mood. Well then I told him that I hadn't seen one of our cats since I've been home whereas, if they aren't there when I get home, then they show up within 30 minutes or so. We get worried because we have had 2 cats go missing in 6 months and another one of ours was MIA a couple of weeks ago longer than we like, but came home within the hour. Well when I told him the cat hadn't been seen yet, then his whole attitude changed. He started getting upset and asked if I had called for her and I told him I walked down the street shaking treats to no avail. He goes and calls her to no avail. Then starts ranting once again about how someone is taking our cats or poisoning them and it's unf**king believeable that another one is gone. About 30 minutes later she comes walking into the house and I yell to him that she was home. He was sitting on his computer and he snidely says "Thank god". I pick her up and bring her into the computer room to show him and he turns and looks at her and flatly says "Where the hell were you?". He is acting like he could care less that she's there because he's still wound up about the fact that she wasn't there when he got home. I tell him that I'm tired of worrying about the cats and he practically interrupts me before I get that out and goes "Well I don't know what to tell you. We NEED to get them GPS collars". I tell him "I had thought about that before..." and before I can finish saying "but they are so bulky" he says "Then get some!" End of conversation. If I had asked what kind or anything he would have snapped. He just wants me to take care of it because he's had a crappy day. See, it's all MY fault that they don't have collars just like it was MY fault that she wasn't home when I got home. He doesn't give a crap about anything until it's too late and then blames me. I go out to the living room and he comes out shortly thereafter and starts ranting about how horrible his day was and that he had to do EVERYONE else's work and didn't get a damn thing done. Funny, because when he walked through the door there wasn't a hint that anything was wrong. Then goes back into the room and I follow him and try to calm him down by putting my arms around him to which he wriggles out of and goes “I get it okay??!"


I just leave and go out in the living room and start warming up leftovers for us for dinner. He comes out and says snidely “I’m over it so you can stop tiptoeing around. I had a stressful day at work and when you told me the cat wasn’t here it just made it worse. It’s not your fault the cat wasn’t here but it was the last thing I needed to hear”. You are damn right it’s not my fault! Next time I won’t say a word if the cat is missing then, I’ll just let you figure it out for yourself. And whenever you have a bad day I’ll make sure not to say anything that’s on my mind because it will just upset you. I set up trays because we usually watch tv in the living room while we eat. I dish out everything and put it on the trays and tell him it’s ready. Well he says he’s just going to eat in the computer room and comes out and grabs his food. He’s never done that before so I am left feeling like crap.


Another lovely night and this is all because I told him I hadn’t seen the cat. That one cat roams so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for her not to be there, but it was odd for that time of the day. I pondered just keeping quiet about it and hoping she would show up shortly after he got home, but then I feared she wouldn’t and he’d be mad I didn’t say anything to him when he got home and would have got mad at me for that. So once again I lose. Can’t tell him anything because in some way it’s always my fault for saying something or for not saying something.