H can't pay his bills but he can buy me a $300 sweater!

I am blown away! So H didn't get me anything for my birthday and then yesterday, about 1 1/2 weeks after my birthday, I get a package. I open it and find a pullover, half zip-up sweater he got for me. I mean it's nice, but it's not anything I would have bought for myself or looked twice at. I look up the website and find the sweater and it is $318!!! A SWEATER!! It is from Norway and made of 100% wool, but why on earth would he spend that much money on a sweater for me when he still can't pay his total share of the bills?! Plus, we live in Seattle so it's not like it gets so cold that you need a heavy wool sweater. On top of that, I see that he charged it to his credit card. He needs to be getting his balance down to $0 and this just canceled out all the progress he's made trying to bring it down. I am just never going to wear this. Maybe if I was as skier it would be great, but it's too darn warm to wear around here. 

I just don't get his logic! I can't give you my share of the rent this month but here's a $300 sweater! And I'm sure I will hear from him just how much he spent on it and he will hold that over my head. He does one thing for me and he acts like I should bow down before him. Yet I pay his share of the bills month after month but yet I never rub that in his face.