H couldn't remember what I told him 24 hours prior!

Sigh. I knew he was going to forget too. I told H Monday evening that my department get together was Tuesday after work. I purposely told him when I had his full attention and he wasn't watching tv or surfing the internet. He said "Oh that sounds like fun. I'll just work late tomorrow then." Well I checked his clock out time online and he didn't work any later than usual. I sent him a text at 4:30 saying "I'm off for wine and apps. See you in a few hours". I wasn't going to send him a text but I figured I should just in case he wonders where I am when I'm not home by 5PM and knowing that he probably did forget. I didn't get a response from him until 6:23 when I was about 20 minutes from being home saying "LOL I totally forgot you had this. Have fun". So obviously he hadn't checked his phone until that time because when I got home he was just finishing up cooking our dinner for the evening when I told him I'd be eating out that night. It makes me wonder how much he really cares where I am when it doesn't hit him until over an hour after I should have been home where I might be!