H had not gone to bed yet when I got up this morning!

H is working 2nd shift. He usually gets home at 11PM but last night worked OT and didn't come home until 1AM. He comes home and takes a shower in our master bath, you know at 1AM while I'm trying to sleep right outside that door! He does it because I wake up every time he comes home so he assumes it's ok to shower there rather than in the other bathroom! Then he goes into the computer room. I acn hear him playing his damn video game anytime I wake up! I get up at 5:30 and he still has not come to bed. I get up and he's all chipper and says "Oh I'll make us some breakfast. He does that and tells me "I've been tired since midnight". I said "Then why didn't you come to bed right when you came home?" He goes "Cause I'm a dork." I don't understand that! He's tired but yet stays up until 6AM playing his video game and then goes to bed as I'm about to leave for work! He doesn't have to be to work until 2PM, but I highly doubt he'll go in. His sleep will be interrupted by outside activity. He did this a year or so ago too. Just stayed up all night for no reason but still went to work at 5AM. 

What is it that makes them make these poor decisions for no reason?