H ignores me for days

Welp.  H and I read through the communication section of the book together.  However, nothing has changed.  Asked him to exercise the dog this weekend while I was away (I normally do it exclusively).  Came home Sunday and he had not exercised the dog that day, only Saturday.  H says he thought "this weekend" meant one day of the weekend, since I don't take the dog to exercise every day of the weekend all the time.  Okay, YES, I do take him to exercise every day of the weekend that it is possible.  Some days, particularly in the winter, the weather is a problem.  However, we don't have a fenced yard, and we have a large dog.  He needs to get out and run around every day that he can.  So I asked him why he would think "the weekend" means one day--especially given that Sunday was very fine, and that Monday, the dog would have to be cooped up all day because we are both at work until 6 p.m.--I pointed out that I didn't understand why he would think "the weekend" meant one day for the dog, when "the weekend" means Friday through Sunday for his video game playing (he also plays all week long in the evenings too).  I ended up taking the dog to exercise myself, even though I was tired from my weekend away.  Yes, he said he would do it if I wanted him to, but he would not say anything about why he felt like one day was enough for exercising him, meanwhile his games are all weekend long.

Okay, so he literally cut me off while I was talking to tell me that he "heard me and now I know that he heard me." Then left the conversation.  He refuses to acknowledge anything I have said about this topic since then, including today.    He refuses to discuss or acknowledge that I really don't understand why he thinks this.  He HAS had a discussion about the chores section of the book, but would not discuss anything I cared about (ie, the dog exercise chore, and why it's somehow fine for the dog to just exercise once on the weekend).  So, when I tried to bring it up again today, he literally said he would not be discussing anything else.  He is in his office just on his computer and has been ignoring me for hours.

I know I'm supposed to give space and not pursue, but is it really that whatever he decides to ignore (anything that I have concerns about), then I just don't pursue and be ignored?  And that's okay?  Like, okay, if he wanted to talk about it later or something, but he just decides not to talk to me at all.  Ever.  He does this for days at a time.  And then either I just give up trying to approach him, or he just won't talk to me.  Either way, he literally just won't listen to me whatsoever.