H is seeing all new mental health professionals....

I recently learned about a "neuro-pschologist" in our hometown and asked H if he wanted to see him.  H agreed.  When making the first appt (which will be next week), the office recommended that H see a psychiatrist first to get his meds under control.  Today H saw the psychiatrist.  Yay.   The last time H saw a psychiatrist was when he was in rehab, and H was very dishonest at that time.  


Today, the psychiatrist decided that H should also see one of his office's therapists.  Tomorrow is that appt.  Hmmmm....this is the hurdle.  The psychiatrist has several therapists that work for him, but all the female ones are too busy for a new client, so H was assigned to a male therapist   Normally, that shouldn't be a problem.  HOWEVER, H prefers females so that he can spend the hour "being charming" and "lying" and to get them to "pity" him.  H knows (but won't admit) that a male therapist isn't going to "pity" H, because H won't be able to charm them.


Anyone else have this issue?