H tells me not to do this and then he turns around and does it himself!

First off, let me say that H finally went into work yesterday for the first time since last Thursday! That was a relief. On Monday night he says to me, almost accusingly "Would you PLEASE do me a favor? Would you NOT buy any beer when you are at the grocery store tomorrow? I really need to regulate it so that I'm not tempted to drink before I go into work." Okay. I had no plans of BUYING you any beer since I don't drink it! He just made it seem like I'd be at fault for him not going into work if I bought him beer. Yet last night, 2 days after he told me not to buy him beer, he comes home from his first day back at work in a week at 11PM with not only a 12 pack of beer, but also a small bottle of Fireball whiskey! He stayed up until 3:30 this morning and I see he had 3 beers and about 2 shots of whiskey.

Help me comprehend this! This isn't the only thing he's told me not to do and then turned around and done it himself. I mean things like scolding me because I didn't cover up something in the microwave and then 30 minutes later he turns around and does the exact same thing I did. Scolding me for buying a certain brand and then he goes and buys the very same thing. What is going through his mind when he is so adamant that I shouldn't do something but then he turns and does it himself and is like "chill out, what's the big deal"?