Habits and Poeple W/ADHD

This is more of a curiosity, but as I have dug deeper into what is ADHD and what is not ADHD.....I realized something about my family growing up that I always noticed as different with some of our members in the family and not others. My original thought was about food and personal preferences....but this extends to other things as well such as...restaurants, entertainment, and favorite spots to go visit and revisit again....and again....and again.....and again????

I mentioned once that growing up in our household was like the movie "Groundhog Day"...different day...same old thing. Nothing....ever seemed to change or be different. I always considered this as falling under the heading of personal preference.....but I'm now wondering if ADHD isn't the reason for this? I don't really know?

When it came to food for example....we always ate the exact same things and the menu never changed......hardly. Occasionally....something new would appear once in a blue moon....but pretty much, nothing ever changed when it came to food. The interesting thing here however....came to the DEFINITE food preferences for some people in the family...who were much pickier eaters than others so my mom would have two sets of things in the refrigerator for how these lines got divided it seemed right down the middle for example: some hated butter and only ate margarine and others didn't like margarine and preferred butter so my mom bought both and we always had both on hand. The interesting thing about me in this mix....is I would eat just about anything and margarine was Okay....and so was butter. LOL

I'm not a picky eater and will eat just about anything. I have my preferences...but the only thing I prefer....is not to eat the same thing all the time. I rarely can eat the same left overs 3 days in a row with few exceptions. Variety...is the spice of life as they say and I like variety more than anything when it comes to food.

The interesting thing that I noticed with my sisters and myself to this day.....when it comes to going to a restaurant...a place to visit or revisit.....nothings changed? It's still the same restaurants we go when we get together...and when they order take out for the extended family get together.....it's always the same thing. Same restaurant, same menu items, same order each time without fail???

I on the other hand....prefer to go to a new restaurant more frequently...than going to the same one over and over. And if I do go to the same one....I will try something new each time or go with the special that is not on the menu....just to try it...or just for the Hell of it. Why not I ask??

This pattern I have...seems to extend to other things as well. I like different....and things not always staying the same....by nature? And realizing that we had more than one person (me) in our family who has/had ADHD.......I'm wondering how this plays out with others who have ADHD and how they're habits....also seem to extend to a pattern in others things as well?

I'm curious? For anyone with ADHD....or with someone with ADHD......how does this play out for you or your SO?

Variety..... and not very picky or particular but prefer different over the same thing each time?


Tastes and preferences are always the same when it comes to food, places and activities and things need to be VERY specific and are rather particular about everything?

Are these things just "personal preferences" and 'tastes"...or are they associated with having ADHD in an either/or type scenario as it seemed in our family.

I'm hoping to get some input into this for myself since it would help answer a lot of questions I have about this that includes a lot of other things that I just don't have room to get into here. Thanks