Hard day... And he doesn't even know.

Today is my late husbands birthday (first husband).  It's always a hard day for me, so today I have been posting old pictures, and videos from him.  I was close with him even when we separated, and my H knew this from the beginning of our relationship.  You would think after all these years he would remember.  But nothing.  Not a word.  But he did change his social media pictures to ones with out me in them... Which was the only place he even had a picture of me in the first place.  Stupid that it hurts like this.


stupid that I thought he would have at least acknowledged what to day is.  


Stupid that that even though I know he is leaving that there is a part of me that wishes he would "wake up" and want to do what it takes.  


Stupid that hat even through all of this I still love him when he so clearly doesn't love me.  


Tonight I am just stupid.  Tonight I just hurt with a hundred losses and no empathy from the one who should love me and protect me.