Has anyone tried "married and living apart"?

I have been married for over a decade. He was diagnosed with ADHD a few years after we were married. His work schedule is erratic and grueling because he works on-call and travels, so he explains this as the reason why he doesn't go to therapy. He also simply doesn't like taking medication. I don't believe in ultimatums, so I know my glaring options are to radically accept or just leave. I consider marriage a sacred union, so that means I radically accept my husband. I love him unconditionally. I won't go into the daily challenges of living with an ADHD spouse because that is well-trodden territory among us all. I want to talk about creative solutions. Has anyone done something drastically different and inordinate such as living apart but nearby their spouse in order to have a peaceful sanctuary to oneself while remaining wholly committed to the marriage? Trying to do some divergent thinking. Thanks for reading.