Hates having his picture taken


My husband has ADD/Bipolar. I do not know how it is related, but for as long as I've known him (14 yrs.) he has absolutely hated to get his picture taken. Pictures are very important to my side of the family. It's become a ritual at family events for him to refuse to have his picture taken and then everyone nags and eventually demands to take his picture "for posterity." It's always an embarrassing thing for me. I hate conflict. On one hand I empathize with how important pictures are to my family but on the other hand their pushiness smacks of disrespect toward my husband and that really bothers me. My family thinks he is being selfish and so his reluctance/refusal to take pictures makes them feel hurt and angry. This last weekend as we were all together at our annual family camping trip, the ritual ensued as my mom wanted formal pictures. I decided that this must stop, so later I privately asked my mom (and later my sister and sister-in-law) to never push my husband like that again. They argued with the same old reasons but I challenged them that perhaps their desire to have pictures taken is as selfish as him not wanting his picture taken. Whose desire takes precedence? He is a full grown husband and father and they need to start treating him with enough respect to take his no for a no.

Does anyone else relate to this? Am I right? Are they being disrespectful? Is my husband being disrespectful and selfish like they claim? I would appreciate your input to test my horizon.