Hating the coming holidays

Anyone else with an ADHD spouse hate the holidays?  It's all so difficult and awkward--I wish I could just leave from the day before Thanksgiving until the day after New Years.  I have never bought DH a gift he actually used or liked and now AGAIN I have to think of something.  Last year I bout him 4 shirts he ASKED for and never wore.  I returned two of them after a while and he never noticed.  Ditto a book I bought him about a show he watches.  The book went in the bottom drawer of his night table and I finally returned that too.  He never noticed.  For Father's Day this year I got him a monthly subscription to a coffee bean delivery--2 different kinds of coffee beans each month.  He ASKED for it.  And as of yesterday there were--I am not lying-19 bags of coffee in the freezer.  I asked him about it--turns out he doesn't like the coffee.  So I canceled that too.  What in the world is it with the gifts?  He has this bizarre "I don't need anything, I don't deserve anything" whole persona but it is really out of hand and impossible to deal with.  

Advice?  thoughts?  anyone else have an ADHD spouse who makes the holidays less than joyful??