Have you ever just stopped caring and wanted them gone?

Have you ever reached the point where you don't care if they have ADD/ADHD or how you will survive, or how it will affect the children if you just put out your ADD spouse or left them? I'm at that point with my husband. I'm sure it would cause trauma to my daughter to not have her own father around and I would still be broke financially but I'm just so over it. I literally want to him and his ADD to go out the door and pray for the poor woman that will be the next victim to suffer him. I'm so emotionally and physically done that I don't care about any consequences now or in the future, I just want every bit of him gone out of my life. He is a walking disaster.

It is like his very presence alone agitates me and he can't even blink right for me. I'm tired. I'm no fool to think marriage is easy and the vows say for better or for worse. But its always the "worse". I absolutely don't like anything about my husband's ADD . He can take his spontaneity and fun nature and shove it. I don't need it. I'm tired of talking to someone that NEVER makes sense.  I developed constant headaches and eyepain from crying so much and if I had an addictive personality I'm sure I'd be on the road to becoming an alcoholic.

I've been through all kinds of counseling and I don't care to do it anymore.  I think if I had the 200 dollars sitting in the bank (his foolery wiped out our savings which led to me wiping out my savings), I'd probably be online doing one of those Legal Zoom divorce things right now while I'm writing this. But I'm too broke to even do that.

I started packing his stuff but then said to myself, "Hey, this just another thing I'm doing for him." so I decided he'll pack his own stuff. There used to be this bright light of hope at the end of the tunnel for me that has slowly dwindled nothing.

I've tried to put it in the Disability perspective. But I'm so worn down I don't care and he isn't my child so I don't feel obligated.

My step-mother in law asked me to take the baby to the movies or something and just have a good night out and maybe I'll feel better and have a clearer head. My opinion is yeah those things will help me escape reality for a bit but then I'll just be walking back into the crap.

We've been married for 6 years and togther for 9. I don't know how women/men have been dealing with this for 20, 30. 40 years!!!Is it not a miserable existence?