He is always controlling...!!!!!!

Every time i try to spend time with my kids and mother he gets upset or mad or controlling! he would have gotten invited before but he always picks fights with me in front of my kids so i NEVER take him to certain dinners or functions with us anymore,i mean how cool is it that my kids always sees me upset,hurt,mad,or angry.Well there is a dinner coming up this Saturday that i told him i would like to attend for 3 hours...he got mad so i left his house,i am home and we have not spoken since yesterday.I let him be,i gave him allllll his space and spaces...to hoots with him..i am going to spend the time with my kids regardless to how mad he his..he could stay leave whatever,,i love him but i really dont give a damn anymore...soo had it with the narcissism being.


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go with the flow

I have the same problem. Go about your business regardless of what he does or thinks. You will drive yourself crazy or end up a hermit if you follow his every whim. If there is a breakdown of communication, yelling etc., turn around and walk away until he is calm. let him know you will do this every time he loses it. your kids don't need to see that. take a deep breath, turn around and leave. then live your life. if he chooses to attend or not, it is up to him. do not waste time on negativity, trust me, it will continue. I wish you well.