Is he doing things Purposely to piss me off ,,,or hurt me,,, or does he know he is?


A few weeks ago we went out to the casino where they serve free drinks and food while anyone gamble the slots machines or play had a very attractive girl working the night shift that night,he was starring down the little girl of whom could have been his sister(SHAME ON HIM)apparently he loves younger women and even his ex wife explained this to me in one of her emails to me...well...I kicked brass when we got home telling him that I know what he was doing and we had a fight over it...


then we took a 10 days vacation and had the most wonderful time together,everything seemed bad with him just disappeared instantly right away during that time on our vacation and we really was almost back in love as if it was the first time we met..

all fine and dandy..

then we went back to the casino after the vacation and the same girl was on duty that night and she is a waitress.I thought? just thought? that since he knew how I felt and how he was caught that he would not ask her to serve him drinks(WRONG) she brought him a drink just as soon as I turn my back and went on the other side of the casino to play a slot machine.I told him:"wow!! babe you just love to hurt me,you take pleasure in hurting me and watching me suffer,but I would show you how strong I am and you can't bring me down".he told me:"no babe that's not true."


After our vacation at the airport he bought some really nice treats to take back, one in particular I loved,well when we got home it had two of them,one we shared earlier on in the day and I was ready for the other one later down in the night,he said to me :"Oh no,,,,why do you want to eat it now,you moving like I am going to give it away or something"...that never even crossed my fact ,next day after he finished work and we got home by him..guess what,he gave it away and his explanation was"I had to babe,that was to bribe the girl in the parole department b/c I took all those days off and I want to get pay for it.

what!!! excuse me!! if it is you have to get paid for your holidays then you don't have to bribe a girl that pays you for it...she is also working for the same man he is working for.

does he think that I am dumb,maybe...I am learning to trust but verify,one of Melissa's great advice...this is madness boy.

I pray to god to help me remember to accept the things that I cannot change and change the things I can.In the lord above I pray and thank him for health and life the rest is history..