He Forgets Everything

Is this common? My ADHD partner will forget what I tell him, even if its in writing (via text). I'll mention something, and right after I say it, he'll ask me a question that indicates he did not register what I said at all. I'm frequently repeating myself, reiterating the time of when things start, when they end. What my schedule is. Where I'll be at what time, when I have to work. 

It feels lonely. Like I'm not being heard or listened to. That he must have 10 other things on his mind while I'm talking to him, even without distractions like his phone in hand. My uncle has dementia and I often feel like his symptoms mimic my experience around my uncle. Feeling like his mind isn't fully there. And if it is, short-term memory is out the window.

I even get nervous when he drives. He'll be talking to me about something, and forget to make a turn or miss the exit. It feels so chaotic and of course my anxiety doesn't help. I feel like I have to constantly regulate my nerves around him, or I just make things worse. But seriously sometimes I just feel like nothing ever gets done right, or well, or efficiently if I'm not taking control. He can't even cook for me. He just lays in bed and doesn't get up until hours later. 

I feel so godamn alone.


Are meds supposed to help with this?

He went off a stimulant that was causing too many negative side effects. But now I'm seeing just how severe his symptoms are.