He hears what I don't say

We had a huge fight:

he said It was " all about him" meaning I should support him 24/7

that all I did was "hurt" him

That I should leave his stuff alone, he had mixed food and groceries with tools. 

He needed someone to listen to him.

I was so angry I wanted to move out. 

My hubby , often hears what isn't said or doesn't remember what is said.


We get into fights that sound like this:


If you had told me that, I would have done this .............................   I did tell you that AND it's in Writing but you lost it



He gets up like the clown car the other day . while I'm listening to a guru.  When I ask that he stop just "taking over"  He looks at the TV and says are you listening to that ASSHOLE Again,

Then he goes off in a sulk because I am not delighted he's happy this morning. 

two days down the line... I watch Sienfleld and David Letteman.. He joins me,  I say... Do you want to call him an asshole ( Sienfield ) . He hears Do you want me to call YOU an asshole.. He gets up to leave

I apologize but try to say why I did.it.