He keeps running away

When my husband and I fight, he'll disappear and not return till the next morning.  This has been a new trend since the early summer, and I am at the end of my rope.  I honestly feel like he looks for reasons to escape.  I'll say one wrong thing, and that's it, he's got his cue... he'll take his handheld video games and a bottle of booze, and that's his evening's entertainment.

He can even escape when he's here: sleeping in another room, spending hours engrossed in his video games, or virtual world on his smartphone.  God knows what he is doing.  He goes to bed way after me.  We get some porn offers in the mail - I suspect that's what he's looking at all night.

He is currently out "finding himself" on a week's solo trip.  Claimed it wasn't running away.  Wanted me to join him this weekend, but I declined.  He threw a fit and doesn't know when he's coming home, and I haven't heard from him and the weather is just awful out there. 

What is going on?!  I've read several posts about disappearing spouses.  How do you all handle it? 

I am truly fed up with the games.  I don't think a spouse should do this.  He sure as hell isn't committed to me, is he?  I have no idea who he's with or where he is.