Is he leaving me for real or?

For complicated reasons, terribly stress related reasons... it has taken a toll on us both. 

He (ADD) says he's leaving. He no longer trusts me, says he. Lots of you can understand where the blame goes, right?

He wants to leave all problems, tough problems. At an elderly age folks. I'm 15 years younger. Been together 12 years. He says he'll be grabbing cheap airfare in about a week. Wants to take no money, leave me with his social security money (I don't want or need it), he'll "find a way in the city."

We are both exhausted and might sleep better tonight (I hope!).

Is he really going to leave? Or is all the crap in his head screwing us up?

Prior to yesterday, we've been heading to, I thought, a better team than ever before. I have learned SO much over the years.

Huge sad sigh.

Also, I both hope he does leave, and pray he makes it through this and we hang in there. He tells me that, since being with me, there is only a tiny part of him left (I've heard it before).

Too tired to write more.



Following up. We made it through. Been dealing with too much pressure. Love heals all, I am so very grateful. Love, Life... it ain't always easy, but I would not give it up; too many precious moments to lose. Thank goodness for love and laughter!