He is in "love with Love"

we are both ADHD adults married 10 years, together 14. He has always had "girlfriends" and does not have many men friends or hobbies. He gets infatuated with a woman, it intensifies ( it was this way with me, I was one of the girlfriends way back when) it's really nice and friendly, encouraging and they are often "broken birds" ...lots of phones calls, texting, rescues, FB, it intensified last year with 3 different women.One ending ( she was so bitter) one winding down ( from best friends to her calling him a sexual predator) and a new one with a conservation group in June, who has since quit her job and moved closer so now they see each other on weekends. They traveled to Japan for 2 weeks and that's when I decided I could no longer validate this as "friendships" . Since I experienced the "pursuit" myself in the beginning of our courtship, and it was non-sexual for a year, I had been understanding for a long time. recently, our marriage has just gotten great...really good and then he told me he wanted to date, maybe within the marriage. That nothing would change between us, that he was just "in love with love" ...I would always be #1, the wife, the true love...but he might want to have the friendships more in the open. He has acknowledged the ADHD, however refuses to see that this behavior and the need for excitement could be connected. Help, please anyone else have a partner who is super helpful, and alls into like...a lot?