He is making progress,

He is making some sort of progress,all the while I was thinking divorce,now I am thinking support on his behalf ,and I have been considering his disorder to heart, that I feel the need to stay and work this through with him,but,it get's so tough sometimes that I don't even know if it would work.I am trying with him and he has been trying with himself,I could see where he is building a little empathy for me and a bit more "sensitive" to my feelings.He still have sooo much work on his behalf,taking into consideration he is also very "depressed" and full of hatred from his overdue past resentment of un treated ADHD,self medicating pills,that have little to none progress,b/s it's clearly not the right medication,but,he has been trying,we had a wonderful weekend and no arguments and we shared the chores around the house,while I washed and cleaned,he cooked,and we were happy with the little we cooperated with thus far.He has agreed to meds and therapy,but so far I have been seeing a change in behavior.Hopefully he would keep it up!

thank god