Is he or isn't he?

My 61 year old fiancee shows a lot of the characteristics of ADHD. I had thought it may be and then stumbled upon this website. I had got to the point that I was ready to call it all off until I read a few things on here and it restored my compassion. I am going to have a gentle talk with him and ask him to see the doctor to see if this is what he has. At least then we can set about doing something about it. He is forgetful, a reckless driver, he gets a lot of speeding tickets. He has angry outbursts. He over reacts to small things. He finds it difficult to stay focused. This is among a whole lot of things. The sad thing is that I am now at the point I would prefer to walk away, but I am hoping we may be able to restore the relationship. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to approach this in a respectful way to ask him to go and see if this is the problem?