He refuses to work, given up on his stability

My long term boyfriend has untreated adhd and refuses to acknowledge it. We've been together for 6 years now but it's been a crazy rollercoaster. He has been unemployed for 4 of those years. He's been through homelessness which I tried to help him through in 2019. I got us an apartment and wanted to get him out of living in his car. But he was really aggressive and toxic when living together that I had to leave him and he moved back with his family. After I broke up with him he has refused to let go and contacted me every single day through email. It has been 4 years since we broke up and be still tries to contact me every day, I tried the being friends things but that didn't work because he's very rude and self destructive. Also for the past 4 years he's refused to get a job, he has jumped from relative to relatives house. And of course nobody wants him to be homeless again. He only wants to work in his hobbies and refuses to face the reality that everyone has to work. He continues to beg me to get back together with him but our relationship has been so toxic I refuse to do it. It's been such a painful relationship but I believe I'm finally done. I've waited for him for years to get a job and do something to be more independent but he hasn't shown any improvement. Not only that but I've noticed he's very emotionally manipulative that I don't consider it a healthy relationship that I would want to have. 
Right now we're no longer together or speaking and this time this breakup feels more real because I finally know it's not something I can put up with anymore, does anyone have any resources on how to get past a toxic relationship? I feel guilty for leaving him but I also know we're not getting anywhere and it's no longer healthy for me to hang around.