He talks all the time!


We believe my husband has ADD or ADHD. He has not been treated or diagnosed yet (we are working on that) but he answers "yes" to most symptoms of ADD.

So I have a question, I'd like to know if anyone else has dealt with or experienced this - My husband voices ALL of his thoughts.

For example, if we are watching a movie, he talks to/at the movie. He gasps, exclaims, and says things like "why did he do that, where is that person going, etc..." He also does this while reading a book or while working on a project.

He claims that speaking out loud while he works helps him focus. I can understand that. But what purpose does talking to the TV or his book have?

This is frustrating to me because its very distracting!! When he does this, it makes me feel like I have ADD too, because my focus is constantly being interrupted. I stop what I'm doing, turn to look at him to see what he's saying, and then I get angry because its nothing important. It's worse when I'm driving and he blurts stuff out too.

I've asked him to stop, but I know that he can't. And I've tried to ignore it, but I just can't seem to.

Does anyone else with ADD/ADHD do this, or is it just a personality trait of his?