He tells me I'm wrong. A lot. He doesn't mean to hurt my feelings.

We have frustrating interactions where my husband thinks he's caught me saying something inaccurate and corrects me.  After he tells me I'm wrong, and bat whatever it is around, often he reverses himself and then tries to claim he never made the original statement. I don't think he means to hurt my feelings, he is just backtracking from his impulsive first statement, but the cover-up and rationalizations are fierce. This drives me around the bend. Why was it "gotcha" at first when it's "aww, don't sweat the small stuff" later?  What is really making me sad is that apparently me sticking up for myself and telling my husband that his "you're wrong again" is hurting my feelings  drives my child up a tree, and my child's reaction is that I am the one causing the problem, by getting all emotional about it. This is making me resolve to just take it next time, but I'm not sure I feel so great about that, either.