Heading down a road I dont want to go!

I was diagnosed with ADD as a child they told me when I turned 15 that I had to learn how to deal with it and I thought I did.  I have been married now for 8 years and I thought everything was great sure me and my wife had are problems but it was not till I deployed were I am currently at that I found out she was thinking about divorce because she could not take the way I have been acting.  I look back at the things I have done ie being distracted when she was trying to have a real conversation, not being involved in what she is into, Always thinking about what I wanted to do, irratating her when we are around friends and I say things that are inappropriate or out of line.  At first I though I was going crazy and did not know why I acted like that,  until she told me that she thinks my ADD has played a big part into are relationship.  I want to change and be better for her but I cannot get meds out here.  What can I do?