Hello everyone...

Let me start by expressing my thanks for this forum. My wife of 20 years was recently diagnosed but I have had my suspicions forever. It wasn't until she recently had Covid that the ugliest side of ADHD reared it's ugly head. 
She had a very bad experience with Covid and lost most of her senses for quit some time. Almost as soon as she recovered, she went into a hyper bucket list phase. I tried to be patient and understanding but when she had an affair that drew the line. 
her premeditated affair, she claims was very impulsive and she absolutely couldn't stop wanting to do it. After the affair which happened an few months ago, I didn't find out until last week.. she claims she cut it off and couldn't understand why she did it and that she loved it and it would be hard for her to not do again. So we seemed medical advice. 
last Thursday she went to the local medical behavioral place and was immediately told she would be more than probably have adhd and need medication, this of course has to be followed up my a test which we are awaiting to have done on the 15th of February. In the mean time they prescribed her 40mg of a non stimulating meditation. I have to admit it's helped her focus and calmed her all over the board thinking. I think this is going to be a long uphill battle. Until the 15th ... thanks for the support and I hope to gain lots of support here