Hello, I'm new but...

It seems I've been member for 49 weeks, which the computer told me when I tried to create a new account.

Sounds like standard operating procedure for me.  I can't afford fancy 'seminars and all' but hopefully can gain some kind of discussion from this that might help. My husband (who is not the adhd one, at least accordign to him, anyway....) asserts adhd is not real and it is an excuse for Lazy, I could remember things and pick them up if I wanted to, I would not interrupt him if I cared what he was saying, etc.

We have been married almost 36 years *(@!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (in November 2013 will be 36) , no kids, many pets, and he is deciding I'm going to suddenly change in my dotage? ( I am getting a lot more disorganized since not working, and I wasn't all that organized when I was).

anyway I wanted to send a shout out to y'all from here in TX.