Hi I am not exactly sure what to say as I after reading the rules am unable to give out personal info. But I am in a real bind as my partner usually sees me on the computer and will be extremley unhappy if he sees me on an add website like this. If anyone is able to add me on facebook or myspace or even email it woul be a huge help as I feel so alone being a non adhd partner and too scared to even let my man know im asking for help cos he is sooooo defensive. maybe even if the moderator starts a adhd romancgroup on facebook or myspace? then I could just talk to you guys without being on this obvious site. I'm not trying to wreck the group or anything, maybe the moderator can start it and anyone comfortable revealing their identity can join in on facebook? please think about doing this as it will be so much easier to explain to him if he sees me talking on facebook than on adhd and marriage. By the way love your site, especially that care and feeding of non add spose post, it sounds exactly like a letter i wrote my mate last week except his add kept him from actually finishing reading the letter.