We need to sell the house.  DH will not talk about it.  Yesterday I found out he had not paid last year's Real Estate Taxes...we are now fined and charged interest which we can't afford. AND this year's real estate is coming up!  A couple weeks ago our electricity was turned off because he did not pay the electric bill for 4 months....not telling me.  He has his messy horading in (what once was) 2 beautiful sheds, 1 garage and a large office.  How do I get the house ready to sell?  This accumulation of mess is WAY beyond my ability to clean up.  He rents 2 warehouses/machine shops that are draining profits from his not so profitable business.  They are filled to ceiling with dirty messy stuff.  ie:  He told me he took his truck to bring our old carpet to be disposed of a few years ago....instead I found out he is "storing" it at his shop so that he didn't have to pay for the disposal. He is not willing/able to clean it up himself....he doesn't SEE it?  Any suggestions?  Are their agencies/professionals/people who can help with this type of thing?  PLUS the fact that he will not admit that he is not paying even HALF of our expenses?  PLUS the fact that he has a separate checking account in his name only that he uses as a cash clearing house for himself? I am in a financial pickle. I feel like such a fool. I don't know how to get him out of his mess....and now it is MY mess to pay for his messes.  Melissa, tell me.  How much am I supposed to do/not do for/with him? What professionals can I find to have some peace of mind and help me clear things up?  I am drowning and it feels like he is using me as a floating device!  How do you partner financially with a person who is not able to partner with you?  AND not become their mother or co-dependent?  ALL my boundaries have been crossed multiple times.  I can't retire by myself because of social security inequities for moms/wives.