Help! daughter might have ADHD.

My daughter might have ADHD,I only realized that recently when I met my ADHD husband and did researches.I landed here and started reading books.I know I should not diagnose her but these are the signs from her from baby to 9 years.

Firstly this is what I noticed from her at a young age at pre-school:

She would not sit still in class,she was always restless,she would not listen to her teacher's principal NOBODY,not even me.She would cause the whole class to be dysfunctional with her distractions of getting up all the time and not sitting still,the teacher's would call me in for meetings every month to discuss her inattentiveness.

She did all that from 5 years to 8 years.Now she has been getting bad grades in school,I would stay at home and prepare her for a weekly test she has on reading or math, and she would ALWAYS come last in test.She forgets EVERYTHING I teach her the very next day.

She eats eats eats nonstop,she is always eating and watching TV,always looking in the fridge for something to eat or nibbling on snacks,She would never listen to me when I tell her to slow down on the eating,apparently it comforts her and keeps her still,it's the only thing that keeps her still when she is eating food.And now she is overweight for her age.

She is very messy,she would not put away her toys and the room is always a mess,I would clean the room now and next 2 minutes the room is back the same way again.I am getting worried about this now.Her father has classic signs of ADHD and that is why we are not together today,he went undetected for all his life and still is.Now my daughter is showing up signs of ADHD today and I always thought it was  a growing stage and nothing else.I could never take her on vacations with me b/c of her hyperness and and she just could never sit still.She would tire me out soo much and she still do now.

I am not sure if this is classic ADHD and if anyone could please give me some insight on this I would be grateful.And I would seek the proper diagnose for her this week,I am already setting up an appointment.

thank you.