Help managing impulse control

I recently became diagnosed for ADHD and OCD. I have suspected both for years but never encountered a reason to learn more about their long term effects undiagnosed. Looking back I can see just how much I have been affected as well as those around me, especially the ones I love. I am now 4 months into trying to make changes for myself and in my marriage. I am taking generic extended release Aderrall daily, along with multi vitamins and fish oil.

For the first three months both my wife and I noticed a significant change and things were in the right track. However, the 4th month was rough. Im still processing how much this has affected myself and those around me and can sometimes get very depressed, especially when I dont control my symptoms and backslide on the way I act or react to my wife and child. We have a 14 month old girl who is the dearest thing to my heart next to my wife. During this month, we went one two trips, one for business, and one for family. In between those trips, i spent a week on call. The weekend we returned from our second trip, we hosted a large bbq at our house. All  of these events back to back compiled a massive amount of stress on me and completely overwhelmed me. In our relationship, I am the breadmaker, the cook, the maid, and the evening nanny. My wife works evenings and on weekends with two different jobs. I work from home during the day and also often get stressed due to interruptions from my wife or daughter. This has left very little time for us in between all of the other stresses in our hectic lives to work on our marriage other than some time individually whenever we can find free time between taking care of our child, cleaning our large house, and taking care of two 50 lb dogs who we love dearly.

We have been trying to work on putting new systems in place like calendars, checklists, chore lists, and sticky notes but with all the stress and travel this past month was just a spontaneous mess and I treated my wife unfairly on more than one instance throughout the month in reaction to situations that were really out of my control anyway. I really would love some advise from others in our situation adhd or non that on how to deal with stress and not letting the overwhelming feeling lead me to impulses driven by anger. Is there additional medication I can pursue to help calm the angry impulses? Any techniques would also be helpful. I know excercise is one of the best and that is one thing I really need to add to my new routine. I quit gaming when I decided to get diagnosed which was my previous stress reliever but was detrimental to my marriage and since then I really havent replaced it with anything constructive. I just clean the house which can be therapeudic to me but it definitely isnt excercise. Any good books to read on stress and anger management? Im also goin to speak more in depth to my therapist about recent events and ways to cope.