Help! Meds stopped working!

Has anyone else had this problem:  Suddenly I am having severe slip-ups even though I am taking Adderall regularly, 2ce a day.  2 days ago lost my keys and metrocard.  Yesterday was a logistical nightmare, all 'ADD moments' leading to me being 45 minutes late meeting someone, and forgetting to bring essetial items...  then I ruined dinner.  this morning I was going to fold the laundry I did before going to bed, only to realize i never put it in the dryer and it was still in the washing machine getting mildewy....  Burned breakfast this morning because i couldn't handle making bacon AND pancakes at the same time.  Totally exhausted and fell asleep for two hours (can anyone else sleep after taking 20 mg of Adderall??)


I'm panicking a bit because next week i have to travel with my kids and I have to have my $#!t together!  Am i just getting a higher and higher tolerance for it and it's not working anymore?  will I turn into a speed freak needing more and more of this stuff???  or is it just not working anymore?  Or is it just a bad couple of days??