Help! Meds stopped working!

Has anyone else had this problem:  Suddenly I am having severe slip-ups even though I am taking Adderall regularly, 2ce a day.  2 days ago lost my keys and metrocard.  Yesterday was a logistical nightmare, all 'ADD moments' leading to me being 45 minutes late meeting someone, and forgetting to bring essetial items...  then I ruined dinner.  this morning I was going to fold the laundry I did before going to bed, only to realize i never put it in the dryer and it was still in the washing machine getting mildewy....  Burned breakfast this morning because i couldn't handle making bacon AND pancakes at the same time.  Totally exhausted and fell asleep for two hours (can anyone else sleep after taking 20 mg of Adderall??)


I'm panicking a bit because next week i have to travel with my kids and I have to have my $#!t together!  Am i just getting a higher and higher tolerance for it and it's not working anymore?  will I turn into a speed freak needing more and more of this stuff???  or is it just not working anymore?  Or is it just a bad couple of days??


Re: Meds Stopped Working

My husband (ADHD) says that sometimes his meds (Concerta) seem to stop working too.  In fact, it's happening this weekend -- I've noticed the difference in him.  And he's said that he feels that they aren't working right now.  He says that he just rides it out, keeps taking his meds as usual and a couple days later they seem to work again.  It seems to happen randomly - no rhyme or reason to it.  At least not that we can see.  Hopefully this will be the case for you, too and in a day or two, things will be back on track.  Hope this helps a little.

Thanks for the reply

Afternoon/evening was a bit better yesterday.  Man, this is scary!  I think maybe what happens is when I have a really stressful day (5 days ago I had a lot of comittments starting at 10am, going til 10pm)  I got through it without a hitch, but then the following days i was a mess.  This always happened before I was medicated, but I thought with medication it would be fixed.  Not so, I guess.  Is there a trigger when your husband's meds stop working?

My husband too

With him, he seems to build up a tolerance and then the meds just don't seem to work. Doctor can sometimes increase the dosage but he has been switched a couple of times to a new medication. Seems to last on each drug about 6-9 months. It's a real pain because the new one might have different side effects, etc. He has had several with side effects he couldn't tolerate (falls, shaking hands, etc.) How this will work out for him without regular access to a doctor (without insurance) I have no idea.

He had a telephone coach who refused to work with him any more because his meds weren't working right.


He said that he hasn't noticed a trigger (and honestly, I can't remember what was going on the last time this happened before this weekend).  He's had a cold, and I've wondered if that has something to do with it, but really don't know.  Sorry I can't be of more help.  

Been there, done that...

Remember the ADD is Never gone, the meds render the assist, but when you try to do too much or a random out of the ordinary day comes around I can get more ADD like than usual. I always try to keep my days as ordered as possible, but there are days when I just cannot juggle the extra oranges that day and I feel like you describe.

Regarding Sleep... I sometimes take my full 60 mg of Adderall with my last dose as late as 5:00 pm. I could have a slight problem at regular bedtime, but usually the extra chaotic days that requires the extra 10 mg of Adderall has worn me out a little more too. I guess it kind of of balances out. I've been on my Adderall for over 2 years and I don't need additional to function normally. I used to worry that I would need more after I got used to it, but it has not been the case.

I think you are okay :)